TAIPAN Returns to Mexico City- FOCO FEST 2017

International death/thrash band Taipan is returning to Mexico City as one of the headliners for Foco Fest 2017 on march 4 en el District Federal: the band will be on tour to promote the release of their upcoming album “The Art Of War” produced by Ahrue Luster (Ill Nino; Machinehead) known for his work with the iconic metal band MOTOGRATER – the album includes an all-star cast of guests including some of the most legendary names in metal like Mike Browning from Morbid Angel and Chris Poland from Megadeth; “The list of guests is like fantasy football for me” says vocalist and TAIPAN co-manager Michael Black- “Imagine you get to record with all your favorite musicians and make an epic album; that’s exactly what TAIPAN is doing and we can’t wait to release the first single- it’d ten steps beyond the first album”   14349060_926506897455299_72556515_n                                                           adahrue3                                         Ahrue Luster (Ill Nino; Machinehead) producing the upcoming TAIPAN album “The Art of War” and joining TAIPAN onstage for select shows and tours along with other guests like Tony Campos (Soulfly; Ministry) and Jessie Sanchez (Warbringer; The Others)