ILL NINO Guitarist to Play with Taipan

Ahrue Luster, lead guitarist for world-famous latin metal band ILL NINO and former member of Machine Head will be joining Taipan on stage for select shows, including Brass Mug in Tampa, Florida on April 24th and Wacken Caribbean in Suriname April 30th. Taipan will be headlining the battle for Wacken Open Air and will be featured on local Suriname news and Headbanger’s Ball. Ahrue will be added to the all-star line-up of musicians recording on the sophomore Taipan album, combining legends of thrash like members of Exodus, Venom, Megadeth and Crowbar with some of the top metal bands of all time, like Ill Nino, Soulfly, Prong and Circle II Cirlce.

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